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About Us

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About Us

ATS Telecom Ltd provides an advisory service that is designed to protect your interests. We are committed to a standard of customer care philosophy unequalled within the telecommunications Industry.

As an IT/Telecoms/Procurement Manager within your organisation, you will be engaged in the process of choosing your new telephony platform and related technologies.

Our job is to ensure that you choose the right system, to suit your needs and your budget, In other words we become your trusted advisor, when investing in new technology.

We are an independent Telecoms Company, and act on behalf of our customers , not for a particular manufacturer. and with our unequalled knowledge of the industry you are guaranteed to make the right choice of system.

As with all suppliers , Telephone system resellers vary enormously in their capability, efficiency, and ethics.

At ATS Telecom we are proud that we have never lost a customer, so we must be doing something right !